Here is our weekly list of three must support games.

1. Duelga

Why: Boardgame's are usually slow and full of strategy or fast and random. It's nice to see Duelga a game that is a fast paced strategy game. I've been talking to the team about making a game similar. So it's nice to see something like this out there with some supporters. The game asked for a 10k. So help them out.

Time left: 3 days to go
Funding Chance: 50%. So please get over there now.

2. Gone Viking

Why: Who doesn't want to pillage and gain riches. Plus there is sort of a viking zeitgeist that I can't deny.

Time left: 6 days to go
Funding Chance:Pretty good chance.  It now includes cool wooden tokens.

3. Cave Escape

Why: A cool skin on a press your luck game. I love Spelunky. And this is as close to that as a boardgame could be. I guess.

Time left: 3 days to go
Funding Chance: Funded! Get your copy now.
<a href="">Link to Kickstarter</a>

See ya next time,

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